3D Printer Service / Rapid Prototyping


3dmarkt.at offers 3d printing services and rapid prototyping with the help of highly qualified professionals.
Starting with the idea, thanks to a prompt and effective consultation with our experts, you will be able to follow the 3d modeling process of your project, until you get a model ready to be printed across different printing technologies.
If you have a model we offer an in-house 3d print service via our labs and, in case of particularly complex prints, our partner specialists.

Rapid Prototyping Service
Our specialists will be by your side from formulating the design idea to the creation of optimized printing templates.
The process is tailored around each customer, so to get to the very desired result.
A typical workflow involves a meeting where the customer presents his idea and, possibly, sketches, for a totally free quote by our part.
We’ll care to adopt the best solutions to achieve the goal, thanks to the best modeling software in circulation, and to the expert hand of our collaborators.
From the first contact our policy provides total secrecy for everything that concerns both the design idea and the prototype itself.
Vdeo materials will not be shared with any third party, nor will any information be disclosed.
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3D Printing Service
Once the model has been completed (or starting from a correct model provided by the customer) we will be able to print in 3D the fully functioning prototype.
Any 3d model not produced by our Rapid Prototyping Service will undergo all preliminary checks to be 3D printed by our specialists.
Thanks to our network of partners and our track experience in the field, we can offer almost every commercial material for the production of the required items.
(times and costs will also vary based on the required material)

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